Ayurvedic gems to support you during Winter – Webinar with Irina Verwer

Here in the Northern hemisphere, Winter has definitely arrived! And with the drop in temperature and darker days, it’s natural to want to hole up at home. This season is governed by the Ayurvedic dosha, Vata so – compounded by the onset of the holiday season – it’s likely you’re feeling a little more tired, sensitive or overwhelmed than usual. Perhaps your skin is drier and you’re feeling the cold more; you might be experiencing joint pain, insomnia or constipation. Maybe you’re craving stability but struggling to carve out a routine… If so, join us for this webinar where Irina will share some Ayurvedic gems to bring you back to balance so that you feel ready for, and can enjoy, whatever the rest of the year will bring! Check out Irina’s courses on EkhartYoga Academy: This webinar was streamed LIVE on 15th December 2022. Sign up to the EkhartYoga Academy newsletter to ke


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