Are your yoga classes accessible for everyone? Webinar with Laia Bové

Check out Laia’s course on the EkhartYoga Academy: This is an introductory workshop for yoga teachers who would like to learn how to teach yoga classes that are accessible for a wider range of people – especially those who may have been previously excluded from the practice, due to their size, age, ethnicity, income, gender, ability or any other discriminating factor. We’ll explore what accessibility means and why it’s so important that we join this conversation. We’ll look at the various reasons we might have to adapt our yoga classes. We’ll consider what it means to offer a ‘safe space’, and you’ll learn some practical ways to make your classes more accessible – including variations and adaptations, use of language and cueing, the use of props and how to build a sequence. Afterwards, there’ll be a Q&A session, so bring your curiosity and questions! Laia is a warm and engaging teacher so even if you’r


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