80 Min WEIGHT LOSS POWER YOGA | Tone, Sweat & Burn

This power yoga workout is great to promote weight loss, increase metabolism, tone up, strengthen, promote lymph & blood flow, improve the appearance of skin & cellulite. You will work on full body strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, lots of focus on dynamic pulses & repetitive moves to strengthen legs, core & arms. It’s a great class to build strength, tone , promote weight loss to get you ready for beach days. This is an intermediate workout to build strength, stamina & endurance In first half an hour we start slowly warming up the body , awakening, releasing superficial tension, mobilizing & then start moving power vinyasa style building heat, energy, stimulating lymph & blood flow. You will feel recharged & awakened by the end of the practice! P.S. f you are not used to dynamic stretches or pulses, modify as needed, hold or take your child pose. Do wrist warm up, massage the palms & forearms. ________________________________ This video is sponsored by http://m


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