7 Fall Skincare Hacks to Boost Your Routine With Tips + Products We Love

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It’s fall y’all, and while we’re embracing the return of the pumpkin spice latte, bulking up our sweater collection, and watching all the “spooky season” flicks, it’s also the time of year to shift to a cold-weather-friendly skincare routine.

Just like we shift our dressing, our latte habits, or our Netflix queue, our skin also demands different care as the temperatures and humidity changes.

Our skin demands different care as the temperatures and humidity changes.

Read on for general wisdom plus specific product recommendations to craft your perfect fall skincare routine.

Bonus: all product recommendations listed are cruelty-free and vegan and have been tested by the YogiApproved team so we know they do what they claim.


Your Skin Doesn’t Lie – Here Are 7 Fall Skincare Truths You Need to Know:


Fall Skincare Truth #1: Your Skin Needs Extra Hydration

It might seem counterintuitive that it’s not the scorching temps of summer but the colder months when our skin is extra thirsty, but it’s true. Even those of us who normally have oily or combination skin will likely notice our skin feeling tighter and dryer with the first wave of cool air.

This is thanks to the drop in humidity during colder months – indoors and out. If you live somewhere cold where you’re blasting the heat 24/7, or even in a warmer climate, your fall skincare routine absolutely must include plenty of extra hydration.

Product we love: One easy way to add in a boost of hydration when normal moisturizer just ain’t cutting it is with a separate hyaluronic acid serum. This one by Versed is inexpensive and super effective at adding an extra layer of juicy hydrating goodness.

Fall Skincare Truth #2: Tis the Season for Richer Products

If you’ve been eyeing more luxurious, creamy products, now’s the time to swap those in and retire the light gels and serums to the shelf until next spring.

This isn’t to say you should ditch all tried and tested products you know you love – after all your overall skin type hasn’t totally shifted. But in the cooler months when your skin might be extra thirsty, dry and/or wind chapped, your skin appreciates the extra soothing moisture.

Product we love: First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer can be a serious godsend for battling the cold and dry. Since it’s devoid of all the ickies like fragrance and parabens and packed with Shea butter and avocado oil, you can feel great about drenching your face with it daily.

Fall Skincare Truth #3: Don’t Skimp on UV Protection!

Hopefully this one is a no-brainer by now, but SPF is a year-round must in your skincare routine regardless of the season. In fact, it’s all-too easy to wrack up tons of sun damage especially when you don’t suspect the sun is pelting you – like on a cold, snowy, or overcast day.

Slather SPF on daily no matter what!

Product we love: When you need a simple, affordable, and not at all greasy or chalky SPF option, yes they exist, and it’s hard to beat this one, by Versed.


Fall Skincare Truth #4: You Might Need Extra Products – Like this Genius Hack

Even those with the most minimalist skincare routine might need a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in their fall skincare routine to combat dryness. Enter chapsticks in every purse/pocket/car, perhaps an eye cream, moisturizing masks, or a skin oil.

Product we love: A simple and genius “extra” goodie for your fall skincare routine is Cocokind’s Mymatcha All-Over Stick, which has something of a cult following for a reason. Swipe it over dry spots everywhere. Yes, everywhere: face, lips, hands, hair!

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Fall Skincare Truth: #5 Consider Cream Cleansers

Your skincare routine should always start with a good cleanser, and if your face is feeling the effects of winter, it’s worth trying out an oil or cream cleanser vs. a gel or foaming option.

We’re aiming to nourish the skin while cleaning, so you don’t want anything harsh that leaves your skin tight and stripped of natural oils. You can achieve this with a good cream cleanser (and double cleansing is always an option for extra purifying.)

Product we love: Loum is an upscale, natural skincare brand with a cleanser-mask hybrid – the Renew & Brighten Polishing Minifacial that cleanses and rejuvenates all at once. The bottle doesn’t lie: it truly feels spa-worthy.

If you prefer something slightly less rich, check out their other cleansers that are just as hydrating.

Fall Skincare Truth #6: Press Pause on Exfoliation

Exfoliation has a place in many skincare routines, but it’s best to leave it (at least mostly) out of your fall skincare plan.

You want to be bolstering the skin’s protective barrier during these months, not breaking it down, as exfoliation can do by creating tiny tears and cracks. Instead, keep skin glowy and fresh with a serum.

Exfoliation has a place in many skincare routines, but it’s best to leave it (at least mostly) out of your fall skincare plan.

Product we love: Instead of a harsher product, follow your cleansing step with a few drops of Loum’s Pure Serenity Golden Vitamin C Serum for a super dewy glow and lots of anti-aging and stress-reducing properties.

Fall Skincare Truth #7: Allll the Body Oil

Finally, once you’ve got your facial fall skincare routine on lock, don’t forget the rest of your body! It dries out too during the colder months, and a regular body lotion may not cut it.

We suggest lathering up freshly out of the shower, and using a richer body oil that can make it past the skin’s protective barrier and help boost it.

Product We Love: Versed’s Keep it Supple body oil really does that, especially when used on damp skin. It contains a combo of natural oils like almond, macadamia, and coconut and the spray bottle makes it easy to spritz whenever and wherever needed.

Fall Skincare Routine Round-up: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Winter is coming, so get your face hydrated and ready! After a long, hot summer, we’re probably all feeling ready for cooler temps, and now your skin will be too with this made-for-colder-temps fall skincare routine.

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And remember, everyone is different and internet skincare advice should always be taken with a grain of salt.

If you’re having skin woes or want expert advice to help you make the seasonal transition and stay hydrated and glowing, a trip to a trusted dermatologist is always a great step in any skincare routine!

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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