60 minute Full Body Yoga for FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH

Get fit, flexible and happy with this 60 minute Full Body Yoga for FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH yoga class 💙 Get MORE in the SarahBethYoga APP (exclusive discount!) Boost your confidence and strength as you chip away the excess stone to reveal the masterpiece within. You are a star. You’re here to shine. This is your time. Enjoy this shine themed class with wrist, shoulder, chest & upper back mobility poses to help you release tension and feel lighter, happier and more confident. This class is sequenced using some of the favorite poses from the PEACE FLOW collection and it’s made for Level 2 yogis with fewer cues so we can get right into our flow. Our peak pose in this class is Bird Of Paradise but we have plenty of options on screen for the peak pose and throughout class so you can make the sequence fit your body today. Enjoy other poses like wheel, wild thing, flip dog, skandasana and lots of binds to help open your sh


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