50 MIN PILATES YOGA WORKOUT // Total Body Flow For Core & Weight Loss

This fun class is a combination of power yoga & with pilates core strengthening moves to build support for your spine & burn unwanted fat around your waste & overall weight loss. We start with slow stretching to improve the mobility of the ribcage, release tension in shoulders & upper back, improve glide between layers of core muscles, release hips to make our core exercises more effective & safe. We mix in pilates moves into yoga standing sequence keeping the energy level up & generating heat. Your whole body will be awakened , energized , toned, strengthened & you will feel a really good burn in your 6 pack ab area. The flow and movement of a yoga class which will stimulate the metabolism and wake up your entire body from the inside out. A full total body yoga workout where we will flow, breathe, increase flexibility, strength, and find that power from within. So if you’re ready for an effective yoga workout, grab that mat and enjoy! If you enjoy this practice and are look


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