50 MIN PILATES YOGA WORKOUT // Hourglass Abs & Reduce Muffin Top

In this pilates power yoga fusion workout we are focusing on lateral side of the body with special focus on internal & external obliques for thinner waist & to “reduce muffin top”. We slowly awaken, stretch, release compression in the ribcage , diaphragm & lower back to improve fascial glide, mobility which will help with blood & lymph flow in the muffin top/love handles areas. We will stretch & lengthen along spiral & lateral myofascial lines along the neck, shoulders, ribs, outer hips, it band , lower abs, inner thighs. We open up the hip joint and release pelvis & sacrum. After we open the whole body we move into strengthening part to tone up & shred your obliques. You will feel very fluid & light around your spine, ribcage & pelvis , at the same time you will feel nice sense of support , tone & activation. Do this workout 2x a week to get definition in your abs , hourglass shape & reduce fat around waistline. Do a quick wrist warm up (or roll with foam roller). Let me know i


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