5 min Morning Affirmation Meditation – DAILY MEDITATION

A simple guided meditation with affirmations to help you have a great day! 🌜 The Art of Abundance is OPEN πŸŒ› πŸ“… BEGINS SEP 6TH πŸ‘‰ ❀️ NEW MOBILE APP ❀️ FREE TO DOWNLOADπŸ“² πŸ‘‰ Time for a brand new affirmation meditation! You guys know I love using these and I find it to be such a powerful way to start the day. An affirmation is a positive statement said in the present tense. You can do this meditation every single day either seated or lying down. As I you listen to the affirmations, simply repeat them internally to yourself a few times. Notice what they bring up in you. It’s normal for some affirmations to feel good while others may trigger some discomfort or resistance. This is a great opportunity for introspection and I highly recommend journaling after this meditation to uncover the source of your feelings towards the affirmations. AFFIRMATIONS USED: I radiate joy from my entire being I feel so good in my body


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