45 MIN PILATES YOGA WORKOUT | Better Posture & Healthy Spine

In this yoga & pilates fusion class we are focusing on our posture and healthy spine. Due to our lifestyles most of us have forward head posture where head is shifted forward, the chest & shoulders get tight making the back overworked causing pain. This flow has a mix of yoga, modern pilates moves & self myofascial release to improve myofascial glide & elasticity of the tissues. We are working on opening the front line (chest , shoulders, hip flexors , quads ) ; work with increasing ribcage volume & releasing diaphragm working along spiral & lateral myofascial lines ; we work with improving pelvis & hips mobility , which often are pretty tight due to prolonged sitting; release tension from the back line; incorporate self myofascial release techniques in shoulder muscles, sternum & pubic bone – the areas that store lots of tension and pull us into forward head position; we massage lymphatic nodes to promote lymph flow & detoxification; After the class you will notice larger rib


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