35 Min YOGA FOR HEALTHY BACK & HIPS | Daily Routine Flexibility, Mobility, Relaxation | DAY 1

Welcome to 5 day yoga Awakening challenge! In today’s yoga stretching & mobility class we focus on slow awakening your whole body to release tension in superficial layer of muscles. It’s perfect to do in the morning, after workout or in the evening for a relaxing practice. It’s a seated floor sequence & is suitable for all levels. We integrate flexibility, mobility work for spine, hips, pelvis, open ribcage to improve breathing function, stimulate vagus nerve to promote stress relief, integrate self mfr for increased effect of the class. You will stretch neck, arms, chest, back, side body, abs, hips flexors, outer hips, glutes, work on pelvis mobility, improve blood flow to organs, work on pelvic floor, improve lymph flow, release diaphragm . You will feel a great sense of relieve from tension, more open in hip joints & lengthened through your spine . This class is perfect to do in the morning as a daily stretching routine, after office day at a desk, any time when you travel or


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