30 Min Total Body Yoga Class | Lower Body Back Release For Flexibility & Strength

After this 30 min total body yoga for flexibility & strength check out Cacao Bliss by clicking the link: & use the coupon code: BOHO for 15% off! This thirty minute yoga flow for your total body is perfect for releasing stiffness and tension out of your lower body and back while improving your entire body’s strength and flexibility. In this Boho Beautiful yoga class let by Mark Spicoluk, you will move the body through a combination of sun salutations, back releasing yoga asanas, and improve your lower body flexibility through a variety of postures. Allow yourself this time to find presence, stillness, and strength as you compassionately reconnect with your body and release stress & anxiety out of your mind. So roll out your mat, grab some water, take a deep breath & lets begin! Boho Beautiful Yoga Links: Boho Beautiful Official- Our NEW Streaming Platform & App Boho Beautiful Life- Our 2nd More Personal Youtub


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