30 min Sun Salutations Yoga – Strength, Balance & Flexibility

Join me for a 30 min beginner to intermediate yoga practice with sun salutations for strength! 🎉 Pre-Order YEAR OF YOGA (NEW Book+ Online Program)🥳📖 ❤️ NEW MOBILE APP ❤️ FREE TO DOWNLOAD📲 👉 Welcome everyone! I’ve got a fun and challenging flow for you today. Let me guide you through a 30 minute yoga class focusing on sun salutations, surya namaskar. This is a longer and updated version of this class I did a few years ago: Sun salutations are a wonderful way to build strength and flexibility while also building the mind-body connection. I’ll be taking you through half sun salutations, sun salutations A, Sun salutations B and hatha surya namaskar. We will also have a few balancing standing poses in between each flow and we will end with some hip openers. Sun salutations are an excellent way to begin the day so this would make a great morning yoga practice. The poses in this practic


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