30 min Full Moon Yoga – Time to Reflect & Find Clarity

Celebrate the full moon with this 30 minute yoga flow with no props required. πŸ’Ž Get the “My Yoga Journey” guided journal πŸ‘‰ πŸ’Ž Get the “I Radiate Joy” affirmation card deck πŸ‘‰ Happy Full Moon! I’m going to take you through this 30 minute intermediate vinyasa flow to help you honor this time of gratitude, reflection, abundance and community. This is a slow flow practice with fluid transitions to help you connect mind and body in a nurturing way. The full moon is symbolic of the fullness of the inhale. No props are required and I would recommend taking a few minutes to journal at the end of this practice. I hope this class helps you find clarity around what’s important to you and how far you’ve come. πŸŒ™ Lunar Yoga App Series βœ… SUBSCRIBE TO SUPPORT FREE YOGA ON THE INTERNET πŸ”” Don’t forget to click on the bell to turn on post notifications! Thanks for watch


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