20 minute Full Body MORNING YOGA Flow ☀️

Wake up with this 20 minute full body Morning Yoga Flow to stretch your neck, shoulders, back, chest, hip flexors, hamstrings & glutes (open for details) ☀️ FREE GIFT: Everyday Morning Yoga Routine: Rise & shine with this full body morning yoga flow. You’ll set an intention and loosen up your neck, shoulders and spine and set an intention before setting up your Sun B flow with longer ~3 breath holds, then repeating 1 breath 1 movement. You’ll finish in savasana with a nice banana stretch before sealing the practice off with a namaste. Enjoy! 👉🏼 The Sun B flow that we practice in this video is from the full length 45 minute RISE Morning Yoga Class available in the SarahBethYoga APP: CHAPTERS: 00:00 Welcome to Yoga 00:10 Neck Stretches 02:05 Chest Stretches 05:15 Child’s Pose 05:50 Spinal Warm Up 07:07 Downdog 07:50 Gorilla Pose 08:30 First round *hold 1-3 breaths each* 11:30 Flow 1 breath, 1 movement 1


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