20 minute Energizing MORNING YOGA Routine

Energize and strengthen with this 20 minute energizing morning yoga routine. ☀️ Join me for the 30 day ENERGY Yoga Calendar in the SarahBethYoga APP: You’ll warm up your wrists, spine, chest and legs then move into the first round of the Sun B sequence with chairs, twists, warrior poses and a side plank infused vinyasa at the end. Then you’ll repeat that same sequence 1 breath, 1 movement, before cooling down with a nice twist and resting in savasana. You’ll learn to use your breath to stay focused, calm and strong. I highly recommend you modify and skip poses to make the first time through a strength-building practice. Then each time you repeat a sequence from the ENERGY collection challenge yourself to practice more of the poses that you modified or skipped last time. Eventually, over time you will condition your body, breath, and wrists with this sustainable approach to this intense power class. Hint: This is exactly how I conditioned myse


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