20 Min Morning Yoga | Full Body Stretch & Flow

This 20 minute morning yoga flow is designed to re-energize & wake up your entire body and being. Whether you’re doing this to start your day or even after a long day in the office, this practice will give you the opportunity to release tension and stiffness out of your body and improve mobility in your spine. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and can be easily modified to meet your needs. ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ LINKS IN VIDEO ➤ Juliana’s Yoga Outfit – Instructor – Juliana Spicoluk ➤ Our New ecoYoga Apparel ➤ Palmaia: The House of Aia
House of AïA – Homepage
➤ Our New Podcast @starsanddestruct ➤ Stars Youtube: ➤ Spotify: ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ Here are more Boho Beautiful Yoga classes: Gentle Yoga Class For All Levels: Unbelievable Deep Release Yoga


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