15 minute Full Body Yoga Stretch | Standing Yoga Routine (no mat needed)

Stretch out with this 15 minute full body yoga stretch that uses NO forward folds, NO downdogs, NO chaturangas, NO hands touching the ground, and NO inversions whatsoever. You don’t even need a mat! This whole standing yoga routine could be done in your kitchen or office during a break 😉 You’ll begin by stretching your upper body with 1 round of a simple “Sun A” then 1 round of a “Sun B” including deep twisting lunges and warrior poses. You will experience a full body stretch with mindful sequencing to increase spinal, upper body and hip mobility all without touching the ground! ⭐️ Start the FREE Beginner Yoga Challenge: CHAPTERS: 00:00 Meet in standing 00:59 Standing Upper Body Stretches 03:40 Tree Pose 05:45 Standing Lower Body Stretches 13:50 Namaste 14:35 Evolve your Yoga Practice WELCOME to your modern day yoga channel by Sarah Beth Yoga where you can find clear & fuss free yoga videos ranging from short 10 minute yoga routin


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