15 MIN Yoga For Flexibility | Stretch Class To Release Tight Hips, Legs, & Increase Mobility

A 15 minute yoga for flexibility stretch class will guide you through a sequence of deep yoga postures that will release tight hips, sore legs, & increase mobility. Focusing on gently preparing the hips through various intensity building asanas to finish the class with the middle splits. This is the perfect Boho Beautiful yoga class for anyone looking to increase their lower body flexibility and master the middle splits. Remember, go slow, be gentle and patient with your body. Building flexibility takes time so do you best to incorporate these yoga poses as much as you can to your regular practice. Yoga Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk Here are some of our favorite Boho Beautiful Yoga Practices for Flexibility: Yoga For Sore Legs, Hips, & Lower Back: 60 MIN Yoga For Flexibility, Mobility, & Strength: 30 Min Yoga For Flexibility & Strength:


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