15 Min Yoga For Flexibility & Strength | A Hatha Yoga Mind & Body Alignment

This 15 minute Hatha yoga for flexibility is the second practice of our 31 Days Of Yoga program which is out now for you to enjoy for FREE! Click here to get Free Access » For 30 more classes just like this one! Juliana’s Yoga Pants » This fifteen min Boho Beautiful yoga class is going to be all about uniting the body with the mind. An all level yoga practice that will follow the structure of a Hatha Yoga class where we move with intention, precision, and honour of the always shifting and changing energetic frequencies of the body and mind. Focusing on increasing flexibility, mobility, and balance within the body. Instructor – Juliana Spicoluk Continue your practice with the following classes: Beautiful Beginner Yoga | Hatha Yoga Class For Everyone: Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowl Healing Class with Mei-lan: ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ LINKS IN VIDEO ➤ Our New


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