15 min Flexibility Full Body Yoga – Intermediate Yoga Stretch

Reach your flexibility goals with this 15 minute full body yoga flow. No props needed! 🌿 My NEW BOOK is out! Get “Year of Yoga”📕👉 ❤️ NEW MOBILE APP ❤️ FREE TO DOWNLOAD📲 👉 Hey everyone, this week I’m bringing you a heavily requested practice. This is an intermediate 15 minute flexibility yoga flow working on your entire body. It makes a great morning yoga practice to stretch stiff muscles as well as a great evening yoga flow to unwind from the day. If you’ve got flexibility goals, these poses will help you get there! We’ll mix static and dynamic stretches to give you the best of both worlds. Ideal for people who are short on time but want to stretch their entire body and improve overall mobility. If you have flexibility goals, this is a great class to do on a regular basis to improve hip and hamstring mobility as well as deeper backbends and shoulder flexibility. 😍 MORE 10 MINUTE YOGA 😍👉 https://www


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