15 Min FEEL GOOD Yoga For Detox | Kick Start Your 2023 New Year

This 15 minute detox feel good yoga class is the first practice of our 31 Days Of Yoga program. Get the entire program of 31 classes ABSOLUTELY FREE »
31 Days of Free Yoga
Yoga Pants from » This Boho Beautiful yoga flow that will incorporate different twisting asanas, and tension releasing postures to help stimulate the natural detoxification process of your body and bring the mind to a beautiful state of present awareness. Continue your practice with the following classes: Full Body Yoga To Boost Your Immune System: 45 Min Detox Yoga For Weight Loss, & Digestion: Instructor – Juliana Spicoluk ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ LINKS IN VIDEO ➤ Our New ecoYoga Apparel ➤ Video Shot at Palmaia: The House of Aia (Mexico)
House of AïA – Homepage
➤Our New Podcast @starsanddestruct Youtube: Sp


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