10 minute Morning Yoga Stretch & Strength | Power Yoga Routine

Wake up & get your blood flowing with this 10 minute Morning Yoga Stretch & Strength where you’ll hold standing power yoga poses like triangle, revolved triangle, and extended side angle for 5 deep breaths before a sun salutation to seal it off. The extra time in each morning yoga pose will allow you to settle in, stretch & strengthen muscles, challenge your breath, increase your heart rate and give you a great yoga burn without any flow. Good morning! ⭐️ Start the FREE Beginner Yoga Challenge: WELCOME to your modern day yoga channel by Sarah Beth Yoga where you can find clear & fuss free yoga videos ranging from short 10 minute yoga routines to longer 30 minute yoga practices for all levels to help you get stronger, happier & healthier. 😍 SUBSCRIBE for MORE free yoga: 🎉 A full-length 45-90 minute yoga class is added monthly to the SarahBethYoga App! I love the mats I use so much that I made my own! Check out


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