10 minute CHAIR Yoga for Tight Hips

Stretch out tight hips with this completely seated, all-levels Chair Yoga routine. This video is accessible for beginners, seniors, desk workers, prenatal, postnatal (details below) and low energy / low mobility ⭐️ FREE GIFT: 7 day Beginner Yoga Calendar: You’ll loosen up with hip openers like chair figure 4 & chair horse pose including twists, side body stretches, and a calf massage for increasing blood flow. Check out the entire CHAIR collection for longer Chair Yoga videos focused on specific body parts in the SarahBethYoga APP 👉🏼 *PRENATAL & POSTNATAL* This video & the entire CHAIR collection are Prenatal & Postnatal friendly. Just modify the lunges, warriors, and twists for less intensity and less stretching (it’s easy to overstretch when using a chair) CHAPTERS: 00:00 Welcome 00:10 Grab a chair 00:22 Sit on your chair 00:33 Deep breaths 01:40 Figure 4 stretch 02:40 Twist 03:40 Deep figure 4 04:4


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