10 min THIRD EYE CHAKRA Morning Yoga – Gentle Morning Yoga

A 10 minute morning yoga class with breathwork and yoga poses themed on the third eye chakra. ❤️ NEW MOBILE APP ❤️ FREE TO DOWNLOAD📲👉 🌿 Get YEAR OF YOGA (my NEW Book+ Online Program)📖👉 Hi everyone, please join me in this short morning yoga practice to work on the third eye ajna chakra. This chakra is associated with deep indigo blue and themes of insight, intuition and clarity. We’ll begin this 10 minute morning yoga practice with alternate nostril breath (nadi shodhana) and will follow it up with some slow yoga stretches. If you have a block close by please grab it otherwise you can simply use some cushions or blankets. This is suitable for all experience levels and wonderful to increase flexibility and reduce stress. Balancing our chakras is about allowing for a healthy flow of energy which means we need a strong container as well as spaciousness. Not overactive, not underactive. MORE CHAKRA YOGA: https:/


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