1 hour Yoga to FEEL GREAT – Intermediate Minimal Cues Flow

Equal parts strength and stretch, this full body practice uses minimal cues to help you turn inwards. 🌿 My NEW BOOK is out! Get “Year of Yoga”📕👉 ❤️ NEW MOBILE APP ❤️ FREE TO DOWNLOAD📲 👉 Hi everyone, thanks for joining me. I’ve finally gotten around to doing one of my most heavily requested classes ever, an hour long minimal cues yoga class! This intermediate vinyasa flow practice is a lovely way to turn inwards and practice mindfulness as we work on strength, balance and flexibility. I won’t be talking much in this class which gives you the opportunity to listen to your body and really connect with your practice in a deeper way. I’m not using any props for this practice but you can certainly have some close by. There are quite a few fun challenges in this 60 minute intermediate yoga class so remember to just breathe and not take yourself too seriously. We’ll end our class with lots of yummy hip openers to st


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