1 Hour Winter Solstice Yin Yoga & Affirmations – Tune In and Relax

Celebrate the winter solstice with a restorative yin yoga sequence to slow down and unwind. ❤️🔥 NEW YEAR’S INTENTION SETTING WORKSHOP 📆👉 💎 Get my new AFFIRMATION CARDS & GUIDED YOGA JOURNAL 👉 Hi everyone, thank you for joining me in this hour long full body yin yoga class to honor the winter solstice. This is an all levels practice that will deeply stretch your entire body while also promoting rest and relaxation. We’ll be pairing each pose with an affirmation from my new I RADIATE JOY affirmation card deck ( Please have two blocks handy or you can substitute with couch cushions, pillows or thick blankets. We’ll be doing poses like straddle, half saddle, shoelace, sphinx and reclined twist. I’m joined by my foster cat Maggie in the beginning 🙂 The Winter solstice is a paradox and a time of transition to honor darkness as well as the return of light. It marks the longest night of the yea


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